An Insight into Las Vegas

Las Vegas also known as the slots, gaming and general entertainment capital of the world is the quickest developed city within a century of its origin and emerged to a successful world-class tourist place. This man-made city is located at the dry lands of the Mojave Desert.

History of the Gambling City

The gambling city, Las Vegas was founded in the year 1905 and established as a railroad town due to its connectivity to southern California with Salt Lake City. In 1941, El-Rancho Vegas hotel-casino was the first built resort on the famous Strip. This was shortly followed by Frontier, Flamingo and Thunderbird casinos in the late 1940’s.

Howard Hughes made a revolution in 1960’s by beginning a buying spree of Las Vegas businesses, remodelling the casinos and creating multi-story additions. He imposed the corporate culture in the casino business which has seen significant trends in unprecedented growth.

In 1980’s city expanded both in revenue as well as population and the famous Fremont street erected with $70 million canopy in 1995 made a spectacular addition to the fastest growing tourist attraction places. According to the 2017 Census, Vegas has a total population of 648,224 people which is an 11% increase than the previous year records and it follows the Pacific Time Zone.

Vegas Revenue and Population

The University of Las Vegas in 2013 conducted research which stated that an average income of $630,000 was profited per day from 23 famous casinos – mostly from the slot games on the casino floors. Of course, all these casinos use safe tricks to get the visitors to gamble on Vegas Slots in their casinos for long hours. It may be noticed that none of the casinos in the Vegas Strip have a clock or windows to view the outside world of sunset or sunrises just to hide the progression of time and get them fully delved into the gambling world. Apart from the whooping revenues made from the casino’s other revenues come from state-of-the-art world cuisine restaurant industries, retail, and popular one-of-a-kind entertainment Vegas shows. These shows add considerable profit from the tourists and to name a few shows which are performed by the expats in the entertainment industry like ‘Blue Man Group’ at Luxor, ‘Terry Fator’ at The Mirage and ‘Le Reve – The Dream’ at Wynn Las Vegas are worth every penny. Though these are expensive shows, people spend it for their genuine performance and to get a unique experience and then go to try there luck on the slot games and slot machines after the shows.

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How many casinos are in Vegas?

As of May 2018, the Nevada Gaming Commission, has defined that there is a total of 45 casinos in the Vegas. Starting from Mandalay Bay from the South Boulevard till the ‘Stratosphere’ in the North, there are 31 casinos in the Strip area alone. Remaining casinos like Hard Rock, Rio, Palms, Gold Coast are located off the Strip area but are equally famous among the tourists as well.

Thus, Vegas in the Nevada state ranks top in the tourism revenue among the other US states. It is also the driest and sunniest city in the North America, with July accounts to the hottest month. However, it is being visited all around the year in spite of hot weather at summer, due to the cosy infrastructure provided by the resorts and various aquatic attractions and of course the slots within the resorts.

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