Biggest Jackpot Wins in Vegas


Las Vegas in Nevada is the perfect holiday destination which offers a complete package of fun and entertainment to the entire family, and people can find their luck on the gambling side as well . There is nothing more exciting if you win a jackpot in your vacation. Las Vegas has seen several jackpot victories over the years. Vegas Slots brings you here some of the biggest jackpot wins of all time.

$39.7 million – Ethan Miller, 2003.

Excalibur Casino
Megabucks Slot Game


In 2003, a young man from Los Angeles won the biggest amount in the jackpot history so far. Ethan Miller is a software engineer, who visited Vegas in March and walked in at Excalibur Casino, tried his luck at the Megabucks slot machine. After putting a 100-dollar bill, he made a good fortune of his life and won 39.7 million dollars. Ethan Miller’s odds of winning at that time were 1 in 16.7 million. After his massive win whether he continued his software job is unknown but the magic he created by his world record win over the Megabucks slot machine made several people follow his footsteps and trying their luck to recreate his magic.


$34.9 million – Cynthia Jau Brenan, 2000.

Desert Inn Paradise
Megabucks slot machine


In 2000, a huge jackpot luck was awaiting a cocktail waitress, Cynthia Jay-Brenan. Cynthia won one of the biggest jackpots in her period. She tried her fortune in Jan of 2000 at the Desert Inn Paradise, Nevada. Megabucks machine favoured her with 34.9 million dollars. But fate struck her soon after her win. Within six weeks she was caught in a deadly car accident in which she lost her sister, and she too was paralyzed.


$27.5 million -Flight attendant, 1998.

Palace Station Casino
Megabucks slot machine


In 1998, a local resident of Vegas, a retired 67-year old flight attendant won a massive sum of 27.5 million dollars at a Megabucks slot machine in Palace Station casino. Initially, her budget was to play within $100 but ended up putting in $300 which gave her back a surplus amount of money for a lifetime. This also set another record for the Megabucks machine which has crossed over a 20 million prize money for the first time until 1998.



$22.6 million -Johanna Huendl, 2006.

Ballys Casino
Megabucks slot machine


A 74-year old from Covina, California won a jackpot of 22.6 million dollars. Johanna Huendl initially misread the winning prize to be 2 million dollars. But soon she realized she won ten times bigger amount and her excitement unfolded ten times as well. She tried her luck at Bally’s casino by putting in $170, and the Megabucks machine rewarded her back with this huge amount. All this fortune happened when she decided to play a quick game before grabbing breakfast at Bally. A memorable breakfast indeed!

Thus, though wining in the slot games is purely based out of luck, you can try with smaller amounts in many of the slot games which has given good fortune of money who tried them. If you have not tried your hand in gambling, you can also try online casino or pack your bags to Las Vegas and get ready for an adrenaline rush. Try your luck in this gambling world.