Luxor Casino – Las Vegas


Theme based Casinos are always a big hit among the tourists. Once among the popular casinos, which got the Egyptian theme, is a perfect example of today’s excellence in the architect field is Luxor Casino. It is located on the southern end of the Strip at Las Vegas. Luxor got his name from an Egyptian city, which is anciently known as ‘Thebes’. Luxor is 120,000 square foot casino, which is owned and managed by one of the pioneers in the casino business, the MGM Resorts International. Luxor is well connected with Mandalay Bay to the south and Excalibur to the north.

Luxury Sky Beam

The iconic sky beam at Luxor is a standard trademark symbol of Las Vegas ever since it was built in 1993 till date. Luxor’s sky beam remains as the strongest beam of light that is designed so far in the world. On a clear weather condition, this luminous light is visible up to 443 km away by aircraft at a cruising altitude like over the Los Angeles. This was built at 42.3 billion units of the luminous power per unit with 39 xenon lamps, which by the help of the curved mirrors collect the light and re-direct them to give a straight, one intense narrow beam.

The telegraph has written an article about this Luxor Casino’s light beam which is so bright yet it maintains its own ecosystem and acts as a fine navigation point by the pilots.

Reels of Luxor – Daily Slot Tournaments

As the MGM Resorts International manages the Luxor, the M Life Rewards membership card offers many discounts to their members, which can be used across several casinos including Luxor Casino and Hotel. Luxor conducts a daily slot tournament to its guests and tries your rush for gold from one of their 1000 slot machines and poker games. They cater the need for all type of visitors from a casual visitor who likes to play within a budget; they have lower denomination machines starting from $0.01 up to $100. They also provide lot of goodies in addition to the jackpot big money like a Luxor Logo Jacket and lot of seasonal tournaments like ‘Hallowin’ Slot tournament in the October month , Enchanted Forest slot tournament in the Nov month and so on. Round the year, they also provide their players, a Ten million-holiday gift Shoppe giveaway by participating and wining in one of their qualified tournaments.


Luxor Slot Machines

Luxor slots gaming area contain different types of slot machines in their 120,000 square foot casino floor. For easy access to their customers, they have the facility of all-in-one transaction machine with a right blend of denominations of slot machines. Popular slots among the tourists at Luxor Casino are Progressive slots, Reel Slots, Video slots, Video Poker Slots, and the latest innovation in the slot machines, which are in trending like Keno Slots and electronic table games are gaining popularity as well. It has been estimated that every year $16 million has been won by the Luxor Slots Jackpots.

These slot tournaments provides exciting offers to its players and rewards up to four prizewinners. The first winner gets a $200 free play, second winner gets a $100 dinner gift card for 2 persons at the Public House, the third and fourth place winners each gets a free 2 show tickets.

Food and Dining at Luxor Casino

Whether you want to have a light beverage at Starbucks Coffee or looking for a delicious buffet or exclusive dinner with mouth-watering menu inspired by the various cuisines, Luxor Casino offers all. The James Beard Foundation offers a celebrity chef tour seasonally at the luxurious Velvet Room at the Luxor that is usually attended by the celebrities and VIP guests and opened to the Luxor hotel guests as well. You can try different cuisines around the world as ‘Backstage Deli’ which offers a New-York themed deli-style food for the quick eater or‘Rice and Company’ that offers a healthy and spicy herbs menu for all the Asian food lovers. For a relaxed evening with tea, check out the ‘Pyramid Cafe’ which offers a special menu called ‘Pyramid stacks’ or French toast sticks. Delve into the different style of food menus at the famous ‘The Buffet at Luxor’, a perfect family dining experience where children under 4 years can eat free! This hosts a huge 30-foot salad bar, many food stations like pizza, omelet, and other specialties around the world. Lastly, a galore of dessert options with fresh baked items and sugar-free options as well.


Entertainment Show

Bodies – The Exhibition

There are some of the signature shows that happen exclusively at the Luxor Casino, which are famous among the tourists. For instance, Bodies exhibition have got a huge response from the visitors, which has a record of 15 million visitors from worldwide. The main attraction of this exhibition is they showcase the real human bodies with all organs in a detail manner and amuses the visitors by their high-end technology in their preserving process. Their state-of-the-art three-dimensional vision of the human body is a truly amazing experience at an affordable ticket pricing. has given a five-star rating to the Bodies exhibition and describes it as the largest human anatomy exhibition in the United States.

Blue Man Group

It is unbelievable to see how three bald men all in blue magnetize millions of visitors and have a huge fan following. Luxor offers its visitors to rock their world, and guarantees an excellent quality show by these Blue Men group. Join in their fantastic journey and be ready for surprises, music, and laughter at their entire show. With extra upgrade to the minimum ticketing price, they also provide an exclusive access to their behind-the-scenes tour for a whole of 75 minutes duration and explain up to their first performance of the night in a full vibrant way and high energy.

Luxor Casino offers round the clock nightclubs like Aurora, Play bar and Centra, which can be accessed 24 hours, food stations, various gaming options and live entertainment shows to keep the visitors engaged and packed with fun-filled activities to give a memorable time to all their visitors.

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