Megabucks – Match the Symbols and Win a Fortune.

Megabucks Slot machine has a rich history of winning records at various periods. It does not involve complicated bonus games or confusing multiple play lines. It’s simple with one goal for the user to match the symbols and numbers along with the pay line. A typical winning combination is three seven’s, cherries or bars. No gimmicks only fun and pure luck. Megabucks is the most lucrative one among the other slot machines.

You can find this slot machine in most of the casinos in the strip as well as Vegas downtown. The famous casinos in the strip which host ‘Megabucks’ slot machines are Bally’s Casino, which has a record winning of $22.6 million, Caesar’s Palace, Planet Hollywood, Harrah’s Las Vegas to name a few.

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Try Your Luck from the Most Popular Vegas Slot Games!

Jump on the bandwagon on any of the popular slot machines in Vegas to win a fat chance. Slot machines is the quickest way to win in the gambling world. Slot machines involve spinning of either mechanical reels or video screen reels. The winning combination of numbers and symbols has a lot of variations, and they use ‘Random Number Generated’ pre-designed program which makes each spin to pull out unique variations randomly. Pay lines is an essential feature in these slot machines in which the rewards will be awarded based on these lines. There are several numbers of lines to choose from single to multiple pay lines.

Most Popular Slot Machines in Vegas!
Vegas slots presents you some of the best of the lot in slot machines and helps you to strike gold and make most of it.

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Cleopatra – Most recognized Slot Machine around the World.

Cleopatra, the name inspired by the Egyptian ruler, is full of classic Egyptian themed slot machine with classic symbols and sounds. Cleopatra has its new version, Cleopatra II which is equally famous as well. Both the games follow the basic rules like each spin involves three spots with five reels. To win big money, getting Cleopatra symbol across the five reels is the quickest way to try your luck. The bonus rounds it offers and the famous ‘Sphinx’ winning symbol offers a good deal of money.

Cleopatra Slot Machine Video from The Cosmopolitan – Las Vegas


The Cleo II slot machines are common on the Strip, like Bellagio, Planet Hollywood, Mirage, Caesars Palace, Cosmopolitan and MGM Grand Casinos. Luxor casino, The Cromwell casino has got an old version of Cleo as well.

Cleopatra 2 Slot Machine Video – This guy wins over £10,000 on the Bonus Round!

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