Stratosphere Casino


Stratosphere is located at the north of the Vegas Strip, and it is the tallest structure in the state of Nevada. The hotel is a located in a separate building, which accommodates 2427 rooms in a 24 stories building. The Golden Entertainment owns this Casino. Stratosphere is world famous for its thriller rides and revolving restaurant, which makes it a perfect adventurous destination for the young and energetic crowd. Stratosphere Tower is well known for its highest observation point in Las Vegas. It is also the tallest tower among the west of the Mississippi River.

Thriller Rides

Stratosphere contains four adventurous rides, which have gained a higher reputation among the tourists every year. These thriller rides with diligence safety measures are definitely worth a shot. Standing erect at 1000 feet tall from the ground is undoubtedly visible from anywhere in the Vegas City. These rides are indeed reserved for the brave souls. has mentioned the following rides as one of the best thrill rides in the Vegas City.

Sky Jump

Get a feel of a bird with this free-falling activity! Do not miss the truly nerve-rattling and exhilarating experience of this sky jump adventurous ride. Jumping from the 108th floor of the hotel is undoubtedly not a child’s play, and the cables attached to the tourists give them a controlled drop that slows them down before reaching the bottom. Nevertheless, what is even more exciting is to walk off the building with not a single scratch. Experience it to cherish for a lifetime.

X- Scream

If free falling is not your type, the casino team has come up with a mini-theme park right at the top of the Stratosphere building! While you are hanging on the edge of the tallest tower, it is perched over 900 feet in the air. It has a giant seesaw, and the platform rises and tilts in the opposite direction with magnetic brakes applied at the end of the platform to stop the vehicle. Screaming and freaking out is guaranteed from this crazy and fun ride.


Get ready and buckle up your seat belt for a lifetime experience a light drunk head feeling with their double spins and many insanities spin over and over. The centrifuge ride has seating arrangements that are tethered to the arm, and when the action begins, each seating is expanded outwards and swings out beyond the tower with 900 feet out in the air. It tilts the passengers upside down facing the strip, which is indeed an insane ride!

Big Shot


If jumping from the 108th floor looks like an easy job, then Big Shot offers a more daring ride for those tough and strong personas. The tourists will go crazy when they reach the 160 feet from the base and fully experience the thrilling freefall drop tower. However, the ride starts from the base at the 920-foot level but quickly blasts all the way up to the 160 feet at 45 miles per hour. Yet, it is claimed to be one of the gentle rides when compared to its counterparts.

Revolving Restaurant


Get an unparalleled dining experience with breathtaking views at ‘Top of the World’ restaurant while indulging in your favourite menu is a fantastic experience. Dining at the 800 feet above the ground level is itself an exciting moment and to add a cherry on the cake, the restaurant revolves in a 360-degree angle at every 80 minutes. Many critics accolade The Top of the World not only for its ambience but also for the tasty retreats.
Review Journal has written an article of what are the best dining area in the Vegas on the Valentine’s Day and mentioned Top of the World is one among the preferred location by the tourists and locals as well.

“The Wine Spectator Award of Excellence” was given to the ‘Top of the World’ restaurant in Stratosphere for consecutive years since 1996.

Roxy’s Diner and Show

A visit to Roxy’s Dining gives its visitors a hearty meal inspired by various cuisines and provides a piece of music with touch. The waiters are also trained in singing, which they showcase while they serve you food. Sing along with them or enjoy your favourite song and delve into a relaxed moment.

Wedding Ceremony

Make your special day more remarkable by planning with the Stratosphere. Literally, wedding in the clouds is the concept where the Stratosphere is wedding chapel is called as the ‘Chapel in the clouds.’ On the 103 rd floor, there are two sky-high chapels, which are the only one chapel located at approximately at 1149 feet about the ground level.

Sky Lounge

Sky Lounge is the only highest bar in the Vegas Strip located on the 107th floor of the Stratosphere, which offers its guests a drink with a view. The guests are more excited while they sip and view the sizzling sin city from a top perspective. The lounge is also known for its serving of best martini in town.

Rooftop Pools

Nothing is more exciting than soaking yourself in the pool at an elevated height. Located at the 25th floor above the ground level, Stratosphere offers its guests two rooftop pools with European themed Radius pool and a Wet Lounge area. A family-friendly pool on the eighth floor is the Elation pool where it will host volleyball competitions every day. In addition, it also rewards the winners a free Jell-O shot.

Right from the highest observation point in Las Vegas which is 921 feet above the strip, to various thrilling, adventurous rides and one of a kind revolving restaurant and roof-top pool lounge area, Stratosphere is a must visit place where it covers a wide range of tourists and keep them engaged in a fulfilling way. Apart from entertaining the tourists, Stratosphere has also participated in the fundraising campaigns. It has started a movement called ‘Scale the Strat ’in 2009, to help the American Lung Association. It also succeeded in raising fund amounts over $1,240,000 from with the help of around 4000 volunteers.

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