Las Vegas is an alluring city which has great tourist potential for its vegas slots and casino games. This man-made gambling capital of the world has so much to offer its visitors beyond the famous Casinos on the Strip. The world-class shows and events, scrumptious and finest dining experience and shopping give its visitors a one-of-a-kind enthralling experience. Vegas Slots provides you an insight of what Vegas has to offer to its global visitors.

The Famous 2.5-mile Strip Walk – An Overwhelming Experience!

When you walk down the Strip at the South Boulevard in Las Vegas, one can enjoy the nightlife to the fullest. All the dazzling and stunning visuals, which is tactfully designed in one long strip with world-famous casinos placed on either side of the Strip makes it one of the best illuminated man-made cities in the world

Bellagio and The Mirage – The Showstoppers on the Strip.

Bellagio Waterfall has an elegant dancing fountain which is beautifully curated and complements well with the light and music show for the visitors. Bellagio Casino also featured in the ‘Guinness Book of Records’ for its tallest chocolate fountain which measures to 26 ft in height. It is indeed the ‘Michelangelo of Chocolate. The Mirage casino has an erupting volcano at their entrance which offers a free show to all the spectators in the Strip.

The Venetian – World’s Romantic Destination now at Vegas.

Ever dreamed of a romantic gondola ride in Venetian? Skip traveling to Venice, instead head straight to ‘The Venetian Casino’ for a romantic gondola ride! Yes, in the middle of the desert, ‘The Venetian Casino’ brings you the gondola ride in a beautifully designed river in which you sail through inside and out of the casino.

Caesars Palace, Luxor and Excalibur – Travelling Back in History

While Caesar’s palace depicts the Roman culture, the Luxor’s casino features the pyramids of Egypt with an ultimate famous ‘Sky Beam’ at the top of the pyramid which can be viewed miles apart from the city. Next travel to the Middle age Castle at the ‘Excalibur’ casino and also one gets a chance to meet the legendary King Arthur and Merlin in person in their popular entertainment show ‘Tournament of Kings’ Now, this is definitely an icing on the cake.

The New York Casino – Where the East meets West!

It’s time for big apple! Get a taste of Manhattan style of life in this gorgeous replica of the famous Empire State building, Brooklyn Bridge, Soldiers and Sailors Monument and the iconic Statue of Liberty!

The Paris Casino – One of the Seven Wonders of the World

If you haven’t visited Paris before, this Eiffel Tower replica provides the visitors an easy way to check out one of the seven wonders of the world in a pocket-friendly way. Ride to the top of the tower to get a stunning 360-degree view of the entire Strip of Vegas. Don’t miss out this once in a lifetime experience of the splendid Las Vegas!

Apart from the casinos on the Strip, Vegas downtown offers a world’s most massive screen display at the Fremont Street. This video screen is 1400 feet wide and positioned at 90 feet above the Fremont street which spans to four city blocks. For all the fans of thrill rides, Stratosphere hosts the four highest adventurous rides namely, the High Roller Coaster, Insanity the Ride, Big Shot and X Scream. There are a number of factors which contribute to making this city where it stands today regarding its popularity across the world. ‘Whatever Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas’ is the famous slogan of this sin city. Las Vegas undoubtedly a stress buster, home of slot games and a escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday work life.

The City that Never Sleeps!

People come to this vacation spot to try their luck in the gambling world on vegas slots and unwind their worries in these fabulous Vegas casinos. Las Vegas has much more to offer to its tourists other than gambling. This sparkling city which never sleeps has restaurants, and recreational clubs and slot machines are open round the clock. The food industry is continually evolving with its global customers from a diverse culture which inspires them in experimenting with various cuisines and creating fusion foods which has made it a favourite destination for all foodie lovers.

Las Vegas Hosts a Versatile range of Events

Las Vegas is famous for hosting several professional events and seminars in their convention centres year around. In 2017, the Miss Universe pageant show was held at ‘The Axis’ at Planet Hollywood at the Las Vegas, Nevada.Live Jazz and R&B party festival is one of the popular event in Las Vegas downtown which attracts a huge crowd of Jazz music lovers, and it is considered to be the biggest Jazz music live show in the country. One special feature of this concert is, the Grammy Award musicians take part in this music festival playing music day and night to the tourists. Helldorado days, which happens every summer at the downtown Vegas, showcases the popular cowboy-themed festival which teaches the cowboy culture to the younger generation through these festivals. The popular Saturday afternoon Helldorado parade is famous among the locals as well as tourists and numerous exhibits and Whiskerino Contest makes it a popular festival.

During Halloween Las Vegas host one of the famous event “Fetish and Fantasy Halloween Ball” which got several recognition from renewed journals including Travel Channel which claimed this event as “One of the Top 10 Events in the World” and Los Angeles Times mentioned as “The one you don’t want to miss” and so on n the New Year’s Eve, the famous event known as ‘America’s party’ attracts tens and thousands of visitors each year all over the world for its famous stunning fireworks along the historic 2.5-mile Vegas Strip. Starting from the Excalibur Casino to the Stratosphere the sparkling city further dazzles with a huge range of vibrant coloured fireworks and gives delightful treat to all the spectators. Apart from the Vegas downtown and Vegas Strip, Reno also host two major events in Nevada. One is the largest hot air balloon race attracts of over 140,000 visitors every year and the other is air showwhich displays airplane acrobatics and air races in the sky. People planning for a vacation in Las Vegas can extend their stay to visit Reno and witness these giant balloon race and air race in which the balloon show also include tethered balloon rides for kids making it a one-stop destination for the whole family.

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