History of Cheques with Online Casinos

Cheques have been used a payment method since the ancient Roman times where they were termed as prescriptions. The cheques we know today took their printed form in the late 17th century in England. In modern terms, it is simply a piece of paper that lets you transfer money from one account to another. Due to its simplicity, it is one of the most common payment methods in the world. It might feel a bit old and orthodox in today’s modern world where other lightning fast means of payment and withdrawal are available however there are many casinos that still support this method of withdrawing/depositing cash through a cheque for the ease of their customers. A cheque can only be used if you are in possession of a physical cheque book issued by your bank to you. In today’s world, all companies have shifted to online transactions because the business world is very fast paced and cannot rely on slow processes however some individuals still use the cheque method to fulfil their monetary chores.

Casino Deposit via Cheque

A casino can offer both options of withdrawal or deposit or any one of them on a cheque. If you are in the favour of depositing cash via a cheque to your casino then it can be done either through a physical cheque that you will send them via a courier or use an E-Cheque payment method if that casino offers it. In case you intend to use the physical cheque method then you need to be careful about the address of your recipient casino and the necessary details that you will be filling out on the cheque. When it comes to physically send over a cheque consider the option of sending a verified cheque to your casino because it will ensure a smooth transaction of your money into your casino account and will also enable the casino to provide you with a timeframe of when that money will be deposited into your account.
In case you choose the option of E-Cheque then the same information that you normally fill on your physical cheque needs to be filled in a provided form by the casino. It includes details such as account title, account number, amount and IBAN etc.

Withdraw via Cheque on Casino Sites

If you want to withdraw money via cheque method then simply fill out the details when you will select the cheque option on the casino’s site. For smooth and error-free transaction make sure that the address that you link with your casino profile is up to date and is your real current address because the casino will be sending the cheque via a courier on that linked address. Some casinos go one step ahead and also provide their customers with a tracking service for their respective cheques because cheques may take several days to reach their intended customers, so naturally, you would want to know the current status of your cheque if it hasn’t reached you. Don’t forget to inquire about deduction of fees if any by the casino i.e. shipment costs etc. These fees vary from casino to casino, the bank, the courier service being used and the country in whose domain it is being applied

Cheque Cash out Timings

As compared to the digital payment services or online banking, cheque courier services is a very slow method. Online payers would find it very slow because arranging the courier means more time will be consumed. The farther the recipient is more time will be taken to deliver it to the recipient i.e. recipient can be either way the casino or the customer himself. It will take even more time if it’s an international cheque. In today’s technological terms anything taking more than forty-eight hours can be termed as a long procedure when it comes to payment. Another factor that matters a lot is the clearance time taken by Banks. Whenever you receive a cheque and deposit it in your bank, it does not mean that cash will be deposited instantly in your account. You need to understand that the clearance may take up to several days i.e. 5-7 days and vary from bank to bank and country legislation.

Why the use Cheque in 2018-19?

Cheque although is a slow method of depositing or withdrawing money especially in case of online casinos when you are probably on a distant location from the casino i.e. another city or another country as well. However, it is one of the simplest and easy to use payment methods. There are no complexities involved in filling out a cheque either in physical form or an E-Cheque. Its simplicity is its only advantage.

Customer Support for Cheque Payment System

In case any inquiries or complaints arise and the customer feels a need for some support than the following two institutions can be contacted as support. If you think there has been an issue in the delivery of the cheque then the right institution to contact is the courier services which you selected to deliver your cheque for you. They always have a tracking number for their shipped items and will assist you in finding out the current status of your cheque. If you are facing any issues in the clearance or fraud alerts then you can contact your bank for this purpose who will help you sort out these type of problems.

Cheque Payment Security

A cheque is prone to some security issues which include forgery i.e. the cheque is manipulated by the culprit party for their own benefit such as adding numbers to the written amount on the cheque. By the time the owner comes to know of it, it’s too late. Cheques can also have some personal details of the owner printed on them which is highly prone to identity theft. Cheques can be forged by fraudsters by using your signatures. Always keep your cheque book safe and in private custody.

Casino Websites that accept Cheque for Deposits

There are several casinos at Vegas Slots that offer the Cheque payment and/or withdrawal method for their customers. These are Trada Casino, BGO, Video Slots, Comeon! Casino and Dunder.

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