EcoPayze and Online Casinos

EcoPayze makes an emphasis on its customers that it wants freedom for them to make secure online payments worldwide without worrying about a violation of privacy or data security.  EcoPayz offers instant, safe, and convenient payment-oriented services to its customers and businesses all over the world. Specifically, ecoPayz is available in over 159 countries around the world and can be accessed in over forty-five different forms of currencies. EcoPayz is a global payment solutions provider that has been around for over fifteen years and this company prides itself on the accreditations and memberships associated with higher quality of service and payment products to its customers.  Importantly, the name “ecoPayz” was not always its original name. 

In the year 2000, the ecoCard platform was created, which was a form of an electronic wallet.  In 2008, the owning company of the ecoCard platform, PSI-Pay Ltd., was regulated by the FCA under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and the European Union Directive on electronic money.  PSI-Pay Ltd. Powers and operates the brand name “ecoPayz.”  Subsequently, in 2009, PSI-Pay Ltd., became a principal member of “Mastercard” for the purposes of card issuing.  Later in that exact same year, the company launched its first iPhone app.  Since the introduction of the app, there have been multiple upgrades accordingly.

In 2013, the company reevaluated its brand image for strategic growth and to potentially elevate the company to the next tier of business success.  At this point, the company had drastically grown over the last thirteen years and now offered a variety of new services and payment tools, for both their own customers and for various businesses.  Accordingly, the name “ecoCard” just did not seem to fit anymore.  The new brand of ecoPayz was launched and it emphasized the new product range that the company produced.  Shortly after the launch of the new brand, the mobile version of the website was created to allow its customers to have a sense of total control over their own account, even when they would be on the move.  Over the next few years, ecoPayz continued to upgrade the services it offered, whether it was in the form of building Affiliate Programs, which helped to guarantee revenue sharing or even creating a new form or prepaid vouchers with their ecoVoucher product.  In 2014, ecoPayz introduced a new feature which allowed its customers to retrieve their ecoCard PIN on their secure websites.  This allowed for a more straight forward website interaction with the customer and ultimately helped the user get started with his or her card. 

In terms of security, ecoPayze has been ahead of the curb for quite a while.  In 2016, ecoPayze introduced the 2-Step Verification feature to its security protocol, which is an added layer of protection to its customers.  The main objective behind the ecoPayze 2-Step Verification is to make sure that the customer has to combine “something that he/she would know,” like a password or an answer to a question, and then “something that he/she would have,” like a smartphone or tablet even.  Setting up this 2-Step Verification for ecoPayz is quick, simple, effective, and costs its customers absolutely nothing in terms of additional costs.  Ultimately, this makes ecoPayze a very safe and secure method of depositing and withdrawing money anywhere in the world.

Creating an ecoPayze account is very simple and quick.  In fact, ecoPayze’s website accentuates that the registration process only takes a few minutes to be opened.  For registration, a user only needs to provide basic personal information, such as name, email address, home address, phone number, etc.  In addition, it requires your financial information for the particular type of funding option that the user selects, such as debit or , a prepaid card, or the opening of a bank account.  Once the information is entered, an email with activation and verification instructions will be sent out to the new user. 

As for fees and specific limits, this can vary depending on the package and/or service that the user elects to use with ecoPayz.  For example, the beginning level of ecoPayz, “classic,” allows its users to use their card and has certain limits as to how much one can deposit into the account.  As the level goes up to the next level, “silver level,” the amount that can be deposited into the account increases and the user gets the ability to create a virtual card.  The next three levels are “gold,” “platinum,” and “VIP,” and all three offer even more advantages to the users, such as higher deposit limits, free money transfers and the static currency conversion is reduced.  As for additional rewards, after the user is registered, ecoPayze offers a variety of promotions and reward opportunities throughout the year and even have specialized offers every single month.

However, it is important to note that there are some of the disadvantages of using ecoPayz as well.  First off, if you are using ecoPayz for gambling purposes, it may not be available at your particular bookmaker and/or casino.  EcoPayze is certainly a global service, but it is not entirely used worldwide at this time.  The gambling user should check their website to see if their particular casino is listed accordingly.  Another disadvantage is that EcoPayz may have additional charges associated with certain features that may differ depending on where the user is based.  

In essence, ecoPayze and its services seemingly appear like a benefit to its users, especially to those that enjoy online gambling.  This particular e-wallet is free to users and can be utilized almost anywhere in the world.  It recognizes over forty-five different currencies and ecoPayze’s 2-Step Verification system helps to ensure that its users are protected with an extra layer of protection.  Additionally, ecoPayz has a customer support team that is offered twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to help accommodate the global needs of its diverse customer base.  Moreover, the ecoPayze website provides monthly articles to help to keep its customers constantly involved with important updates and news that are relevant to their products, such as data security, new partnerships, new technologies, and upcoming business opportunities.

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