Fast Bank Transfer and Online Casinos

The first question here is: “What is the Fast Bank Transfer?”  The Fast Bank Transfer is a method of payment option which allows for a regular, normal bank transfer to be effective in a much short lapse of time.  Typically, this type of bank transfer will happen in one business day.  In most cases, the user will need to login into his or her online banking and authorize the bank transfer to provide some form of authorization to the bank to initiate the next step in the transfer.  In comparison, this payment method is noticeably faster than the average bank transfer, which is processed much slower.  This method proves to be invaluable to someone who is in a need for some quick, real money to potentially place on a bet or otherwise. 

A commonly asked question too, is “what’s the difference between a Fast Bank Transfer and a Bank Wire Transfer?”  The distinction is that a Fast Bank Transfer is a transfer of funds from a single domestic bank to another domestic bank.  A Bank Wire Transfer is the transfer of funds from one international bank to another bank.  The difference in the transfer of funds from two sources domestically, as opposed to internationally, has a great impact on the speed of the transfer itself.  Of these two options, a Fast Bank Transfer is significantly faster in comparison as a result of its domestic nature.

In terms of how easy it is to perform a Fast Bank Transfer, it is rather simple and easy for the individual seeking to transfer money quickly.  First, the individual must already have a bank account with a bank.  That particular bank account must allow access for payments to an online casino.  To prevent any headache about whether the bank allows for this, the user should go in person to speak to a cashier.  Additional information concerning this expeditious and handy payment method can be obtained from some banking representative at almost any bank.  Alternatively, the individual could potentially go online to the bank’s website and look to see if that bank allows for payments to casinos, whether online or in real life, or if there is a policy strictly not allowing permission for its users. 

In addition, some casinos may actually explicitly state whether or not they can coordinate with some major banks to perform the Fast Bank Transfer.  As an example of this, the PlayMillion casino provides a large assortment of payment options to its users when he or she is in the “real money mode.”  Specifically, it will ask the user to make a deposit and then show an array of options, which will also include the Fast Bank Transfer option as an available payment method for the user to select.  At that time, once the Fast Bank Transfer payment method is selected, the individual simply must select how much he or she would like to deposit accordingly.  Once an amount has been selected, the individual will be instructed to follow the remaining directions in order to fully complete the Fast Bank Transfer payment.

There is another major advantage to using Fast Bank Transfers.  This advantage is regarding the removal of the hassle of being forced to use a third-party payment instrument, such as a debit card, , or an eWallet option.  The individual user that deposits money at casinos, using the Fast Bank Transfer payment method, will simply not need these third-party instruments.  Accordingly, this can be a huge luxury to a user that is afraid of keeping up with such instruments.  Another inherent advantage to not having the third-party instruments in hand is the understanding that nobody else can somehow acquire your payment instruments.  The user will not need to worry about another person being able to pick up a lost credit or debit card, or even having their cards stolen somehow from their person.

However, it is important to note that each bank may have fees associated with the Fast Bank Transfer.  Accordingly, it is important for each user to check with his or her bank to see if he or she would incur such a fee by depositing money using this Fast Bank Transfer payment method.  This fee may vary depending on the bank and the amount of money deposited.  Some banks do not charge any type of transaction fee via Fast Bank Transfers.  In addition, there could also be casino withdrawal fees associated with the Fast Bank Transfer.  Therefore, it might be important to ask the casino in advance prior to the actual use of the Fast Bank Transfer payment option.

Another consideration for a user when looking to use Fast Bank Transfers is the amount that will be transferred.  Generally speaking, there is a minimum and a maximum on the amount of money that can be with withdrawn.  The minimum and maximum can vary, depending on the particular bank, but typically range from 10-70,000 in United States Dollars.  If the user wishes to transfer funds greater than the maximum, the Fast Bank Transfer may not be the most ideal solution.  This is something that each particular user of the Fast Bank Transfer will need to consider ahead of time in order to completely satisfy his or her payment needs.

The major disadvantage associated with Fast Bank Transfers is its fluidity in implementation, depending on the casino.  A user may be comfortable using Fast Bank Transfers at one particular casino and will have mastered the step by step process to successfully initiate the transfer.  However, he or she can go to another casino and will have to start over and re-learn the process at that particular casino.  This unpredictable nature though can be easily resolved by simply calling and checking in advance with the bank and casino support representatives.  Another potential concern is the length of time for the casino to withdraw from the bank transfer.  This can also vary depending on the casino.  This issue can also be easily resolved by simply calling ahead of time and asking for more information.

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