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What is Ganapati? Ganapati is a company that offers its services world-wide in the form of gaming studios, gaming production, and various media outlets. Moreover, this company has offices all over the world, such as Los Angeles, Malta, Taiwan, Curacao, Tokyo, Estonia, and London. This company was founded in 2013 by a group of skilled and innovate businessmen from diverse backgrounds. These founders’ goals were to maximise their various expertise, whether it be entertainment, music, animation, or technology, and provide it to customers of the iGaming industry to grab hold of some of the market share.
This company strives to produce immersive gaming content for its users. In order to achieve the goal of such high-quality content, Ganapati takes a unique approach in terms of how it has created and designed its games. Specifically, Ganapati’s products combine two different experiences into one. Ganapati’s products blend together the traditional European gaming style that many people are accustomed to in the iGaming market with a special and unique Japanese style of game. This Japanese style of game is something that is associated with Ganapati exclusively. In fact, Ganapati’s mission is to celebrate the Japanese culture through its slots. Accordingly, Ganapati’s library of games is inherently unique and offers its customers something different and stimulating.
Ganapati aims to be the user’s first choice when it comes to new and distinctive content for gambling games online. Ganapati is able to achieve this type of pursuit by developing its content all over the world through its various global offices and calling upon different contacts for their unique experiences and particular skill sets. In addition, due to their large and diverse global network, Ganapati has the unique ability to develop its games using a variety of different graphical designers. Ganapati can reach out to people that work in the graphic design industry, no matter the location, and implement their abilities, concepts, and ideas into their game creations. This diverse group of graphic designers has been the catalyst as to why Ganapati has been able to create such distinctive and one of a kind feeling games that have propelled the company into success within the online gambling gaming industry. Ganapati’s focus of unique, high-quality gaming content is what distinguishes them from its competitors.
As for its games, Ganapati has a plethora of options for its players and even offers free demos of each one. These games are bifurcated into two groups. One group consists of CQ9 games, which is further broken up into game categories, such as table, arcade, and slots. The other group consists of Ganapati exclusive gaming content only. As for the CQ9 games, there are dozens and dozens to select from as a user. He or she need only click on the icon of the game that appeals to him or her the most, and the free demo of that game will be started instantaneously.
If a user truly is seeking a special blend of the Japanese style of games mixed with the European style, then he or she should first look to the Ganapati games list. The Ganapati exclusive game library is not vast. However, it seems that Ganapati is aiming for quality content in direct opposition to the quantity of content. Some of Ganapati’s games include, Ukiyo-e, the Great Beauties of China, Journey to the Gold, Wild Sumo, Dragon Hunter, Fireworks Fever, Sushicade, She Ninja Suzu, and Crypbattle. Each of these games have detailed information describing the experience for the gamer and allow him or her to make an educated decision as to whether they like the genre or theme of the game. In addition to a description of the game, Ganapati also informs the reader as to the style of game-play, such as how many wilds, paying symbols, the value of the symbols, the number of reels, and any unique bonus games and/or features that the game offers the user.
For example, arguably Ganapati’s most popular slot games is Ukiyo-E. This slot game, which generally translates into pictures “of the floating world” is a visual delight to the player. It has several aesthetically pleasing visuals and blends Japanese themes and backgrounds with its artistic style. This video slot features five reels and three rows and includes sixty pay-lines. Accordingly, the winnings for the players have historically been higher (roughly above 96%). This game clearly demonstrates the aspect of the Japanese history that many of Ganapati’s games want to share with the player.
Another good example of the culture blend is with the Great Beauties of China game. This game is a three by five slot style game with eighteen symbols and twenty-five pay-lines. Ganapati then describes the game in detail, such as the women’s name, their ancient legends from various dynasties, and how the user will become immersed in the experience by playing it. This game has four wild symbols, a scatter symbol, a mystery symbol, and various levels of paying symbols. It also includes one of a kind features, such as the Expanding Mystery Wild feature. Moreover, it offers the user other uncommon features too, such as the Heart Collection feature and various free spins bonuses. Ganapati provides a snapshot of the game for each potential player, and he or she then can test out that game via the free demo of it as well.
Lastly, another prime example of a popular Ganapati gambling game is Wild Sumo. This game is a three by five slot game, that can be accessed online, and features Sumo characters. One of the special and unique features about this game is that there is a Grand Sumo Tournament that the player can interact in as he or she plays the game. The player can live vicariously through a sumo wrestler figure and jointly participate in the various sumo training sessions and even compete in the Grand Sumo Tournament. One of the training exercises even involves a sumo wrestler that appears on the player’s reels and will multiple the win, up to potentially five times the amount. The Grand Sumo Tournament is initiated once the player has completed his or her collection bar, and can subsequently result in free spins, multipliers, wild reels, and more for the player.
Ganapati focuses on its blend on Eastern culture meshing with Western culture and succeeds in producing quality content with a unique twist. As it stands now, Ganapati is not as well-known out West yet in the realm of online gambling. Most Asian oriented casinos will provide Ganapati’s games content, and some do even in Canada and Europe. However, the game player will need to verify which casinos in advance offer this company’s content. It is believed by many in the industry that Ganapati games will make more of an appearance in Western casinos, like in America, and also appear more in Europe as more time passes.

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