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Join Games Malta Ltd., or “Join Games” for short, was founded and established in 2014 and is headquartered in Floriana, Malta.  This company was created by two different business managers, both of which have substantial gaming industry experience, that came together with the ideal desire to develop unique and innovate slot games.  As a direct result of this shared goal between the two professional managers, they coined the name Join Games as their company name. Moreover, the Join Games logo further symbolises the combination of the two visions coming together to develop innovative slot games and concepts.  Join Games is also proud of its product portfolio too because it is created in-house almost entirely, which is something that very few gaming content providers can boast. Join Games takes pride in its ability to challenge its competitors and offering fun content for the players, while being able to do it the way that it wants to internally.

This company does not yet have a large library of games.  Specifically, it only has fifteen games in its portfolio. However, despite the limited number of options, there are several different concepts and themes that this company can offer its players.  For example, one of Join Games more prominent games is called Zombie Escape and showcases an apocalyptic environment where zombies threaten the survivors in a horrific setting. Another game is titled Caesar’s Glory and takes the player centuries into the past where Caesar is still a proud ruler.  Lastly, some examples of the diverse concept options include several games featuring Asian culture and ancient dynasties, titled Dojo, Sakura, Naga King, Kunoichi and the Dragon. Each of these Asian cultures inspired games differ greatly and offer the player a unique adventure and experience.

One more prime example of Join Games’ unique choices in themes is its game called Horror Circus.  As its title would suggest, this game is packed full of visually appealing, but gruesome, graphics and disturbing images.  In this game, the user will be exposed to an abundance of chainsaws and knives, the book of the Necronomicon, alternate dimensions, spiders all over the reels, and even boxes of eyeballs.  The player will even notice that each of the five reels have the typical symbols (A, K, Q, J, and 10), but that they all have been impacted by the Horror Circus. Some have chainsaws, some have spiders, and some are even chained up, waiting to be freed.  There are even more horrible creatures, such as vampires in this game, that can be activated when the user triggers one of the games many features and bonus rounds. In one bonus round in particular, the player will have to select one of his or her captives that he or she rescued previously in the game and then sacrifice the captive to obtain monster sized rewards.

In addition to diverse concepts, these games feature high-quality and visually pleasing graphics.  The styles and textures vary, depending on the game, which makes each game unique in its texture and overall “look.”  The sheer amount of visual detail and video animation in its games are enough to captivate the player and keep he or she engrossed for quite a while.  The bonuses in Zombie Escape, Horror Circus, or even The Dragon, which is a Bruce Lee spin-off game, are hyper elaborate and reward the player with graphics and effects that inundated with detail.

Significantly, it is important to note that every one of Join Games’ games are produced using HTML5 software. Because these games are developed using the HTML5 software, they are accessible with almost every single modern device that is in the online gaming market in present day.  Join Games’ games can be accessed on all platforms and do not require any separate versions or downloaded software to play the games. Each game functions the same, whether it is on a PC desktop platform or an Android, iPhone, or another tablet. These games will fit to the screen size of any platform and function to perfection regardless.

A primary example of something that differentiates Join Games from other competitors, is its Cineslot games.  Essentially, these are slot games which utilise actual, real life actors to provide a more realistic and immersive gaming experience to the players.  The actors take parts in the games, such as a pirate in The Legends of Emerald, and can be seen on the game screen, moving around and activating game features for the players.  The real-life people are replacing the animated characters in the Cineslots and provide a different type of “feel” to the game itself. This is something that is truly unique to Join Games and is something that will likely become more popular in the future of gaming.

Another creative and innovative offering that Join Games provides its players, is the aspect of Virtual Reality.  Join Games has a select slot game that can be played in a virtual reality environment, which lets the player have a more interactive and immersive experience.  This game is called Kleopatra VR and lets the player visit the Ancient Egypt time and setting. This game lets the player access the slot game from another point of view, which makes he or she feel like they are in a whole new world.  The user can turn their head and see the hieroglyphics on the walls around them and even see Cleopatra sitting on a throne.  This game has been considered a “game changer” in this particular market since it offers a player almost an entirely immersive game-play experience like no other and the player can even win or lose actual money.  This type of game being delivered by Join Games is an example of the innovative steps that it is taking to introduce its players to the future of the iGaming industry.  

Join Games is different from its competitors with a mixture of quality in-house content and its unique immersive gaming experiences for its players.  Specifically, its Cineslots and Virtual Reality products. Cineslots and VR will certainly add extra wrinkles to the gambling realm soon enough, and it appears that Join Games will have a leg up on its competition in the next few years with these innovations.  It seems that the initial successes of its product, due to high quality and innovative features, coupled with the new direction of his games, will result in some very promising games to be made from this company in the near future.

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