Konami Games

This company was founded in 1973 and was originally putting its cabinet-style game products out on arcade floors.  Ever since, Konami has been a proverbial “titan” in the video game industry, specifically in development and publishing.  Some of Konami’s more prominent video games and video game series includes, Contra, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Castlevania, and Metal Gear.  Konami’s footprint across the world quickly grew and became a major leader in the video game industry.

One of its most successful game series though, is the Silent Hill games, helped to raise the company to extreme success over the years.  However, the company cancelled what would have been the newest game in that franchise and parted ways with an impact employee, the senior executive, Hideo Kojima, that made this success possible.  In turn, this company refocused its direction and restructured itself to proceed into the gambling game industry with the goal to capitalise on the mobile gaming side of the business realm. In 2017, Konami’s switched focus to the gambling industry resulted in record profits for its company which further cemented that their strategy made promising and successful financial sense.

As for Konami’s slot locations, there are only two prominent locations.  First and foremost, Konami has a location in Las Vegas that is over one hundred and twenty thousand square feet big and is conveniently located next to the airport.  That facility provides gaming content to all of Latin America, North America, Singapore, Macau, and Europe. Konami’s other office is located in New South Wales in a city called Botany.  This secondary location provides game content to Konami’s clients in South Africa, South Korea, the Philippine Islands, Malaysia, New Zealand, and even Australia.

Konami’s aim of its business in the gambling games sector is to provide options for every single customer demand.  Accordingly, Konami is able to accomplish this by utilising its versatility to develop slot games for a huge number of demographics.  For example, some of the game type examples that Konami offers include, Monument, various advantage slot games, multiple line games, Scatter Reels, Stand Alone Progressives, Twin Play, Roku Reels, Rapid Revolver, Ultra Reels and Standard Five Reels.  

Additionally, Konami offers vast amounts of unique game features within their machines because the company strives to be better than the “status quo.”  Some of these innovative features include things like its Mirror Reels, which will show up sporadically in certain games that produce anywhere between one and five reels on the screen to mirror one another. Another example of a unique game feature is the “secret power” symbols bonus, which will activate a select reel by lighting up in colours (generally red) and then all of the blank spaces are magically transformed into wild symbols and result in bigger winnings. One last example of these special features is Konami’s balance of fortune.  Once a player hits anywhere between three to five emblems of a specific style, he or she will receive up to five, ten or even possibly fifteen free spins on the machine. During this free spin phase, the player’s winnings are doubled, and this feature can be reactivated during the bonus spins to happen again.  These features are not included in every single one of its games, but Konami has at least one these types of various features built into almost every single game.

Konami offers both online casino slot games and also slot machine apps.  In terms of online gaming, Konami is still considered to be fairly new, but they have much success from being able to convert its land-based gaming products into online options for players to play.  Konami has hundreds of converted games that it offers for online play. As for its mobile app ability, Konami has developed numerous business relationships that have resulted in their slot games being available on the Android and iPhone devices.  Two of the leading examples of this may also be found on the Google Play store online. These examples are Foxwood Slots and Konami Slots. Both of these are free to download, but in-app products can be purchased for various fees too. Though, most apps that feature Konami slot games are free to download but tempt the user to acquire in-game products for money.  However, it is important to note that Konami slots offer its players loyalty points that can be exchanged for food, entertainment, cruises, and even special access to popular nightclubs in select cities.

There is an online catalogue that shows casino owners exactly what types of games Konami has to offer them.  In terms of which ones are considered to be the most popular of the slot machines, there are a few that have separated themselves in terms of popularity.  For example, the flaming Red Diamonds slot machine is a thirty-pay line slot machine that is extremely popular in the Canadian, Asian, and American market areas.  A few of the other popular titles include, China Shores, Dungeons & Dragons, Aztec Kingdom, Year of Best Wishes, Eleven Pearls, Pirate’s Loot, and the Mayan Carnival.  Regardless of the title though, it is likely that you have at least seen one of Konami’s slot machines before, due to the company’s success in penetrating the larger markets across the world.

In addition to vast amount of games within its library, Konami offers many unique titles that feature interesting and diverse concepts and environments.  For example, Konami has several Asian-style slot games, such as Jade Dynasty, China Shores and Dungeons & Dragons, that appeal to Asian markets. Simultaneously, Konami also has games that feature Ancient Greek and Ancient Norse mythologies in its Challenge of Perseus and Norse Warrior slot machine titles.  It even has Pirate’s Loot and Treasure Voyage, which both have colourful and elaborate pirates and even guide the players to dig up buried treasure and ride in pirate ships to obtain secret prizes, which is especially popular in the Caribbean, European and American market areas. This willingness to create a wide variety of games has ultimately lead to major success for the company too.

In short, this company seemingly has many pros associated with its work in the gaming industry.  Konami continues to produce new and unique machines in its slot game portfolio for casino operators and players to enjoy every year.  Because Konami actively avoids using licensed machines that become outdated, its gaming creations are original. Moreover, its industry presence in the world, whether it is western hemisphere with the American markets or in the eastern hemisphere with the Asian and European markets, any player or casino operator can enjoy the Konami titles that are offered.

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