Leander Games

Leander Games became an establishment in 2008 when a group of innovative business entrepreneurs came together to create this gambling gaming company.  This gaming software company is located in South America and has a prominent presence in the Latino gambling sector. Specifically, this company has offices in Buenos Aries, Argentina and also Paradise Island, Nassau in the Bahamas.  In particular, this company has specialised in developing Latino titles to meet the fast-growing market in this gaming industry. One of its first slot games, Megadeath, a game inspired by metal band music, made the Leander Games a worldwide competitor almost immediately.  

This company has also formed numerous corporate partnerships with major casino players and various gambling sites in the gaming industry.  Due in large part to these larger gambling websites, Leander Games has been able to provide access to its gaming titles to a wider audience outside of the Latino gambling sector too.  However, Leander Games’ titles are currently not available to the gambling players in the United States of America. In total, Leander Games’ products offer customer support in twenty-six different languages and currencies.

The reason that Leander Games is able to provide such quality content is due to its development team’s unique skill sets and vastly different experience and backgrounds.  As a result, many of Leander Games’ titles have extremely unique offerings and in-reel features. So much so, that Leander Games has created an entire series of video slots, called the “Reely Series,” which features poker, roulette, bingo, and more.  As a whole, Leander offers more than two hundred games, which are primarily slot games with only around twenty or so table games and scratch card games.

The epitome of Leander Games’ innovation is in its Reely Poker game, which stems from the Reely Series that was previously mentioned above.  This particular game offers the player the ability to play a side-bet in the form of a separate poker game while simultaneously playing the original game with the cards on the reels.  In addition, if the user receives good cards in the poker side-bet, he or she can continue to play those cards, regardless of the outcome of the reels. Another example within the Reely Poker game is when the player can play his or her original sot game while also being able to bet in a roulette game at the same time.  Recently, a user can now even play Bingo as a side-bet while playing the slot game. Almost all of Leander Games’ slot games offer these types of innovations.

Many of Leander Games feature not only great innovative aspects, but they also share beautiful designs and extremely pleasing visual effects for the players.  Many of the aesthetic graphics and in-game designs were artistically created by a fantasy artist named Ciruelo. Ciruelo has designed and created many original illustrations featuring medieval themes and mythological creatures, such as dragons.  He is well known in his respective field for his work. In reference to his work with Leander Games, he helped to design and create one its best game, titled “Dragons.” In this game, the yellow dragon enlarges itself and seemingly comes to life right in front of the player.  This game also features a unique bonus game that involves visually pleasing dragon action. The game Dragons is a prime example of how detailed and complex the product is that Leander Games provides to its clients. Other popular Leander games include, Alibaba, Octopus Kingdom, Gold, Little Pigs, the Potion Factory, 40 Thieves, 7 Lucky Dwarfs, and Taxi.

One of Leander Games’ most recent products is a slot game titled Afterlife: Inferno.  This particular game portrays the unappealing concept of the afterlife to the user and bases its realisation from Dante Alighieri’s “The Divine Comedy: Inferno.”  This game theme is dark, loud, eerie and just overall creepy in appearance, but its popularity with gamers is apparent. The reason that this game is unique and hyper relevant to the average player is because Leander Games essentially tweaked this game into perfection by “testing” it with its team and other veteran slot players.  By using the designed focus groups, it was a “win-win” situation for everyone involved, including casino operators, content providers, and even the players themselves. Believe it or not, Leander Games is one of few providers that actually does utilise these types of slot game focus groups and beta testing methods for its games.  This is another example of unique innovation on behalf of Leander Games.

This company has created their games in both Flash and HTML5 coding to offer its players more options and to make their games more versatile.   Having their games in both codes allows for Leander Games to accommodate players that use different types of gaming devices. A user can use any device and enjoy the same immersive game experience, in terms of graphics and the ability to gamble money accordingly.  As a result, these programming codes will let players all over the world be able to access the quality content with no issues and extreme ease.

In whole, there are many pros and only a few cons associated with Leander Games.  In terms to pros, Leander Games is available in many major markets and in a variety of languages and currencies too.  Another major pro is that the game graphics, details, and even sounds are very innovative and appealing to players. As mentioned before, with games like Megadeath, Reely Poker, and Afterlife: Inferno, it is apparent that innovation is something that this company prides itself on and continues to work towards in its product development.  Lastly, the games’ code programming provides ample versatility to allow for its games to be played on a variety of platforms. One primary con with this company is that it is not yet available in every major market yet, but Leander Games is developing and expanding its footprint in the gaming industry.  One smaller con would be the fact that a hefty majority of the company and its product development team is almost entirely focused on the creation of slot games, and not card or table games.  

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