Magnet Gaming

Magnet Gaming is a company that specialises in gaming, in particular gambling and casino type games, and innovative gaming development.  This company was created in 2014 and was established in Europe, Denmark to be exact, and is a subsidiary of the company CEGO ApS. The parent company, CEGO ApS, touts a vast history of experience in the gaming industry and has become a household name in the field.  As for Magnet Gaming, it provides an added level of innovation and creativity for CEGO ApS. Despite Magnet Gaming being a relatively new “up and comer” in the gaming field, it has quickly built up a large variety of games that offer stimulating and exhilarating features for its users.  Many of the Magnet Gaming games would be worth the time of casinos to review and potentially add to their own portfolios in the future.

Magnet Gaming develops unique and entertaining games for almost every single platform.  It boasts having an array of games ranging from mobile games on an individual’s cellular phones, to computer based-gaming for those who are used to more of a physical, console adaptation of gaming.  This variety of gaming platforms allows for more interactions and gaming for the users and in turn builds the popularity of its games. Magnet Gaming makes a great effort to allow these options to its readers and it makes it a specific point on its website as well.  In fact, Magnet Gaming’s website emphasises that its values reflect is own strengths in the gaming industry, such as enthusiasm, innovative entertainment, and the features that online players and users generally appreciate in a game developing company.

As for regulations, Magnet Gaming maintains strict internal regulations so that it adheres to all of the regulations associated with the gaming industry and the casino sector as a whole.  One of Magnet Gaming’s goals is to continuously create safe and fair games for its users that will meet the casino gaming requirements. To do this, Magnet Gaming subjecting its games to several forms of testing, and these tests are performed by leading partners from its company.  Furthermore, Magnet Gaming strives to ensure that it obtains, and always is in possession, of all of the necessary licenses to properly and legally operate within the online gaming market and the casino gaming realm. In fact, Cego ApS, the parent company, is licensed by the Danish DGA.  As a result, players do not have to worry about illegal operations associated with Magnet Gaming’s games.

This company has a very clear and detailed mission and set of values.  Magnet Gaming’s company mission is to increase its market share in the online gaming market by offering its users innovative and high-quality games, which will ultimately provide the gamers a positive and memorable experience. According to its website, Magnet Gaming’s core values are “re-invention, entertainment, and responsibility.” Specifically, Magnet Gaming refers to re-invention as essentially recreating the entire gambling model for its players.  It boasts that it has already succeeded, in a sense, because it has created new products in the industry while simultaneously maintaining the lowest degree of turnover. In relation to entertainment, Magnet Gaming ideally strives to create games for the gaming industry and also entertainment industry. Ideally, the games that are created are created with unique and innovative features that will keep the game players playing its games for a long period of time.  Lastly, responsibility, is the most important core value for Magnet Gaming.  In short, Magnet Gaming wants its players to rely on it to be exclusively available to the licensed operators that are allowed to use them.  The licensed operators are screened and checked for their security and reliability standards accordingly.

This article has talked about Magnet Gaming’s games in a general sense, but the real question remains: What are some of its Top Games?  The top three games, in no particular order, are The Vikings – Wheels of Valhalla, Side Show, and Space Gems. Vikings – Wheels of Valhalla is a five-reel, eleven pay-line game with that is based upon Viking themes and Norse mythology.  For example, there are Viking ships that allow the game player to create winning combinations that apply in each direction of the reals. Moreover, the game also has a variety of mini-games that let the user identify and click on icons, which provide the gamer to accrue more credits.  The Side Show game is a video slot type of game and is a perfect example of Magnet Gaming’s ability to implement amazing aesthetics for the game player. This game is only three reels, and ten pay-lines for the user. The theme for this game is that the player simulates a knife-throwing game and attempts to pierce a number of balloons.  If the player can pop the balloons, he or she can win a variation of gold prizes and/or bonuses. The final game, Space Gems, is another three-reel game, like the Side Show game. However, Space Gems has an outer space them to it and features a variety of different innovative treats for its players. Space Gems has a progressive jackpot and also has distinctive, luminous graphics that can catch the gamer’s attention easily.  As one can probably tell simply by reading the descriptions of these top three games above, Magnet Gaming’s games have many visual splendours for its players.

One of the goals for Magnet Gaming is to make it so its games are easily accessible so that the games can be played quickly, often, and with relative ease to the player.  Accordingly, Magnet Gaming allowed its users to have the ability to play its games conveniently on a variety of different platforms. All of its games have been created and developed utilising HTML-5, which allows its players to play the games on both PC and mobiles.  Moreover, Magnet Gaming even created its very own Remote Gambling server and its own Random Number Generator. The conjunctive abilities of these two things are used to ensure a secure and reliable game-play experience for the user.

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