Merkur Gaming Introduction

What is “Merkur?”  Merkur is a gaming company that was incorporated in 2005 and is based in Germany but operates and produces gaming experiences for users all over the world.  In short, Merkur Gaming manufactures and designs various casino gaming systems and platforms. Merker Gaming offers reel machines, multi-games, a variety of cabinets, dispensers, and casino machines, such as video lottery and jackpot systems.  This gaming company uses several distributors worldwide as well. In essence, this company provides quality customer service while simultaneously giving each unique individual an immersive gaming experience, regardless of their culture or language.

Merkur gaming is a part of a bigger, more well-known German-based company, called Gauselmann Group. Merkur Gaming’s international sales and international development of its brand is done through this connection to Gauselmann GmbH.  As it stands, the Gauselmann Group currently employs, according to the Merkur website, more than 12,5000 people. These thousands of employees are in over forty different countries, which truly makes this a company that interacts with its customers world-wide.  In 2017, and according to its website, the Gauselmann Group generated business volume of over 2.9 billion EUR. As one can easily tell, the Gauselmann Group is a major player and has a major role in the national and international gaming and casino operators.

Merkur Gaming emphasizes that it was created through innovation and the utilization of experience and tradition that were formed from German values.  The Merkur Gaming company explains that it is 100% dedicated to these German values and that they ensure are held to high quality, German, standards and that they provide amazing customer service to its users.  Furthermore, Merkur Gaming’s aim is to ensure that its products are safe and a pleasant experience for all kinds of players, no matter the diversity of the user. The various game types and themes allows for players to play and enjoy a particular experience that most accomplishes this aim.

Another point of emphasis on its website, is Merkur Gaming’s diverse and elaborate product portfolio.  Merker Gaming presents a large array of games that are multifaceted and country-specific. In fact, this last point, is very important: “country-specific.”  Merker Gaming says, “Content is king,” and makes sure that each machine features specific and innovative content for its users. Each user, no matter his or her culture or language, will have the ability to play Merker games and enjoy their products.

As mentioned above, Merker Gaming has a wide and diverse portfolio of games to offer its gaming customers.  Specifically, Merker Gaming has over 100 different games that can intrigue its gaming users. There are screenshots of each and every single game which provide the online user to see just a glimpse of the eye-catching graphics that each game can offer them.  Next to the pictures of the game, Merker Gaming provides detailed information about the theme of the game and lets the user to obtain a sense of whether the game might interest them or not. While searching through the various games, Merker Gaming allows the user to specifically search through the games by selecting specific numbers of reels or win lines.  Some of its top games include, in no specific order: Queen’s Citadel, 221B Baker Street, Age of Machines, Random Joker, and Brilliant Sparkle.

Primarily speaking, Merkur Gaming’s products are most often used in actual, physical, land-based casino providers.  However, Merkur Gaming’s online presence has grown dramatically and now has good reputation as an online casino game provider.  Many of Merkur Gaming’s games can be located at online casinos, such as QueenVegas Casino, Mr. Green Casino, and Bwin Casino. One of Merkur Gaming’s innovative touches for its users, is the welcome bonus just for using their games.  At certain online casinos, Merker Gaming provides a bonus so that the user can enjoy the full thrill of the game itself. Moreover, Merker Gaming prides itself on its other bonuses and promotions that a potential user can obtain, such a seasonal promotions or even monetary gifs that can be used on particular holidays, like Father’s Day.  Merker Gaming believes that the thrill of just keeping up with the promotions and bonuses that are offered through the holiday schedule in a year will keep the users involved at the idea that they could win even more cash and prizes. Accordingly, more gamers will want to play during the holiday season as well, so all parties end up winning as a result.

On top of promotions and bonuses offered by Merker Gaming, it provides loyalty points to gamers that play at online casinos where its games are present.  A user can start collecting loyalty points as soon as he or she sign up with the designated online casino. The loyalty points allegedly accumulate quickly, and then these loyalty points can be traded for various cash prizes and rewards, at the expense of the casino.  This loyalty point service is not something that every gaming company offers to its customers. The loyalty program is just another example of how Merkur Gaming provides quality gaming experiences to its users and how it reaches out to a diverse group of players from various backgrounds and demographics.

Another recent and unique addition, is Merkur Gaming’s smart Jackpot System, “Jackpot Rain,” that was recently launched.  Jackpot Rain was created and launched with the notion that there would be more jackpot winners as well as more innovative action for the user.  More specifically, a three-tiered mystery jackpot comes with the Jackpot Rain feature in its games.

In sum, online casinos would be wise to include Merkur Gaming products into its portfolio. Merkur Gaming offers a variety of gaming options to its users and does its best to reward them with promotions, bonuses, and even loyalty points to create a better gaming experience for its customers.  Moreover, Merkur Gaming has a strong reputation in the casino gaming industry for its integrity, innovation, and imagination. Accordingly, as a user, it would be wise to consider using an online casino that includes games and products from Merkur Gaming.

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