Nektan Gaming

Nektan is a casino gaming company that provides services for the online casino industry worldwide.  This company is an international technology company, that was founded in 2013 under an original name.  In April 2014, this company re-branded itself under the name “Nektan” and marketed itself as a fully-functional mobile gaming platform.  In addition, Nektan advertised that it was platform with the gaming industry’s most updated forms of technology. Shortly after it was re-branded as Nektan, the company received approval for both a gaming and software license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.  As a direct result, Nektan was then became an AIM listed company on the London Stock Exchange. Subsequently, Nektan landed a wonderful opportunity to partner with Spin Games, LLC, a leading United States licensed gaming content supplier, for a joint venture in November 2014.  This was the beginning of a great opportunity to have both parties introduce mobile technology to the 32 states where gambling was legal, at that time.

Since 2014, Nektan has made several strategic maneuvers and added many advantageous partnerships which have led to its current major success.  In November 2017, Nektan joined Spin Games, LLC in an agreement to become the first supplier to offer Spin Games’ licensed content in Europe. This also included Konami video slots, which is extremely popular and was highly anticipated going into this partnership.  Nektan has even taken steps this year to maintain its status as being on the cutting edge of casino gaming technologies and advancements. For example, in June of 2018, which is in the middle of the cryptocurrency era, Nektan partnered with a company called Tyche Digital.  This business partnership with Tyche Digital helped Nektan support the launch of cryptocurrency with its online casino operators. Most recently, in October of 2018, Nektan partnered with BetVictor, a leading gaming company in Europe, to combine Netkan’s business to business casino platform into a select few of the casino operators that are considered key brands in the market.  

Nektan also is constantly improving and innovating its internal components as well, not just externally with other business partners.  For example, Nektan named a brand-new CEO and appointed a new Vice President in Commercials. Both candidates have biographies posted on the website and both appear to clearly have excellent industry experience and a wealth of knowledge that will benefit Nektan in the long term.  The fact that Nektan internally assesses itself and reevaluates its higher management levelled staff, is evidence of a positive and goal oriented company.

Nektan’s headquarters is located in Gibraltar, but it has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, and India as well.  Nektan describes itself as a flexible business that is easy to work with and coordinates well with its business partners. Specifically, Netkan tries to ensure that its partners receive a world class service and a top-quality experience in every single aspect.  As for its services, Nektan delivers business to business gaming software, and associated gaming services, across the entire globe, including but not limited to, the United States, Asia, and Europe. Specifically, Nektan holds the Gibraltar license agreement, which is a gambling operating license, which allows Nektan to operate a maximum of ten different groups of games.  These games include slot machines, card games, video poker, casino style table games, numbers-oriented games like keno, poker, dice games, scratch cards, and skill and prediction games. As for the types of remote gambling, such as desktop games and mobile games, the Gibraltar License Agreement covers them all as well.

Nektan strives to bring multiple, divers businesses divisions into one cohesive unit.  The company strategically commingles large content distribution, product innovation and creation, and intelligence to its partners all over the world.  Furthermore, Nektna’s products are supported by their high-quality technologies, such as its B2C/white label platform and its B2B global casino platforms.  Nektan also works with major game studios all over the globe to publish their games and enable access to content through its licensing structure and various business avenues.  

The white label technology platform for Nektan manages the entire casino operator experience while simultaneously gathering the gaming industry’s premium content.  Once the premium gaming content is gathered, this platform distributes it across all of its white label casinos. As for Nektan’s in-venue gaming, it operates through one of its operating subsidiaries.  This United States operating subsidiary, named Respin, a limited liability corporation, provides the physical, land-based casinos in the United States with in-venue mobile gaming solutions for its customers.  One of Nektan’s gaming platforms, called Rapid Games, provides business development and expertise to other online casino products into the regulated gaming market within the United States.

In addition to its own success, Nektan has several major partners working with it.  This list of partners further demonstrates the trustworthiness and engaging nature of Nektan.  Moreover, Nektan even includes this list on its website to make their relationships even more transparent with its customers.  This list includes dozens and dozens of other major partners, such as the mobile gaming company, Sun Play, an iGaming industry provider, redSpins, Monster Casino, Casino Football, and many more.  On top of this transparent industry partner list, Nektan provides direct testimonials from each partner describing their relationships with Nektan. This certainly provides an added level of sincerity and positive branding image to Nektan as a result.  

This same mentality is translated into Nektan wanting to share information about its Management Team and its Board of Directors.  Each Board member has their name publicly displayed and a brief biography about their previous experiences in business. Nektan also shares the role of the Board in terms of how they operate within the company, how often they meet, the terms of their appointments, and more.  Once more, this emphasizes the transparent and friendly tone that Nektan is aiming to share with its customers and partners. It is clear by its website that Nektan is very proud of its transparency and its sense of social responsibility. The steps that Nektan has taken demonstrate its dedication to its duty of care and compliance as it enters all newly regulated markets.

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