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What makes a good Vegas Slots game?

There are a number of factors that contribute to making a fun and exciting online slot game, first up is the maths and it is best understood in two ways, RTP % (Return to Player) and Volatility or Variance. The RTP % determines on average how much this game returns over a long period of time and over many sessions, for example, a 95% RTP game means that on average this game will return 95p out of every £1.00. Games are designed this way to give players a good experience with up and down periods so that the game is fun and enjoyable yet over time its designed to take your money!. Most slot games are over 95%, however, Jackpot games are lower since a % of stake contributes towards a jackpot and casino games such as Roulette and Blackjack are higher at around 97-98% RTP.

The variance or volatility refers to how big and how often the game pays out. For example, a high variance or high volatility slot game pays out higher amounts less often (such as Raging Rhino or Bloodsuckers and Jack and the Beanstalk). Other games such as Starburst and Fluffy Favourites are medium to low variance as they pay out smaller amounts more often so give a more consistent gaming experience. Players prefer different levels of volatility and it depends how willing you are to gamble without receiving payouts for long periods of time.

Second, let’s look at the game features and mechanics. Almost all slot games have bonus rounds and features such as Scatters which awards free spins and wilds which usually replace all symbols on the reels apart from Scatters and double the wins on winning paylines. It has become popular in recent years for bonus rounds to be much more than just free spins with multipliers, it can get really complicated and sophist aced with games such as Aliens where you go shoot the Aliens or Tomb Raider where you go find the lost Keys.  Broadly speaking bonus rounds are either Free spins with a multiplier or just free spins. Many offer a pick a box style screen where you have to choose 3 boxes out of a selection and that contains the multipliers for the bonus round. Some Vegas Slots such as Golden Goddess offer super stacked symbols which creates a new set of reels with more staked symbols to create higher chances of big winning combinations. All bonus round information is available on the Paytable or info screens within a game.

Slot games come in all sorts of themes and graphics and this doesn’t really affect your chances of higher payouts, it’s more just a different way of presenting the game mechanics, so don’t get drawn into thinking that the Irish themed games are luckier than cowboy themed games because it doesn’t make a difference.  The game payouts, bonuses, volatility and variance are what affects a game payout, not the theme.